This cryptic-looking combination of four consonants stands for:

"Silly Butterfly Group, Stellendam," the name under which our activities are grouped. These are currently:


  • Silly Butterfly Productions, is publisher of paper and digital books and does other activities in the area of "DTP", such as birth announcements, wedding cards and liturgy booklets.
  • Silly Butterfly Websites, builds and manages websites for ourselves and for clients.

SBGS.NL is currently sometimes an active domain name. We used that domain to be able to migrate from "De Heeg" to "Robohost". In the subsequent migration, to "Strato", we again used ERBENET.NL as the main domain. SBGS.NL became the main domain again, or actually a coat-rack-domain, in the next migration, to "Hetzner.DE". When we migrated to our current setup, a VPS with provider Vimexx, the primary domain again became ERBENET.NL.

Switching the main domain name during migration is usually very sensible because then you can already transfer the websites before the domain-registration is transferred. This prevents gaps in services.